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Camera phones and barcodes: The vision is already reality

A new use of an existing technology emerged several years ago in the Far East that could revolutionise and accelerate mobile internet adoption and, to a different extent, messaging and voice across the globe. For this to happen, the various stakeholders in the industry must coordinate over some key decisions.

The Mobile Codes Consortium was set up to create a new mobile marketing ecosystem based around camera phones used to read 1D & 2D barcodes. A market-driven, open-standards approach will allow barcodes to act as a catalyst in mobile internet adoption, mirroring the growth of web adoption over the last ten years.

Mission Statement and Resources

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Read our mission statement in full, our standards discussion document, and slides presented by Publicis at our meeting in London on 27 February 2007.


The MC2 ceased activity once groups inside more established organisations began work to create standards for mobile codes. MC2 member companies led the initiative to create the 2D Barcodes group of the GSM Association (GSMA), which published its 2D Barcodes White Paper, available under the reports from the GSM Association. MC2 member companies also led the initiative to create the Mobile Codes group of The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), which published its White Paper on Mobile Codes as a Reference Release.

More recently, the CTIA also released a White Paper on Camera-Phone Based Barcode Scanning and GS1 Mobile Com released a White Paper on Mobile Commerce: Opportunities and Challenges.


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